Upgrade Your EV Motorpool Operations

Simplify EV management, promote sustainability & provide an easy app-based experience for drivers.

Get moving with the only end-to-end platform for EV Motorpools

Designed specifically for Sustainability & Fleet Directors, our technology-driven approach automates self-service reservations, charge management, and more.

Self-Service Reservations

Streamline processes with our self-service reservation system, via app or web, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.

EV Charging Guidance

Ensure optimal usage of your EV fleet with our intelligent charging guidance system, reducing downtime and maximizing utilization.

Connected Vehicle Automation

Automate and monitor your fleet operations for seamless functionality with IoT and automated self-service programs.

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Transform Your Fleet Today

Adopt UFOFLEET's cutting-edge solutions to enhance your fleet's operational efficiency, from integrated charging connectivity to secure, keyless access, and advanced Geotab integration.

Seamless Charging Connectivity
Integrate and manage your EV charging systems effortlessly.
App-Based Bookings
Simplify reservations with self-service app-based bookings.
Secure Keyless Access
Ensure security and convenience with our keyless access feature.
Geotab Integration
Optimize fleet operations with advanced Geotab integration.

Comprehensive EV Reporting

Overcome the complexities of EV data analysis with our comprehensive EV reporting tools. Gain valuable insights to drive your fleet's efficiency and sustainability.

Effortless Key Management

Say goodbye to traditional key management issues. Our secure, keyless access system streamlines vehicle access, enhancing security and convenience.

Streamlined EV Fleet Management

Managing an EV fleet doesn't have to be complex. With UFOFLEET, you can optimize your fleet's performance and manage self-service access effortlessly.


Seamless, keyless entry system for enhanced convenience and security.


Comprehensive energy dashboard to monitor and optimize EV charging.


Streamline your workflow with our user-friendly operations app.


Ensure efficient fleet management with integrated charging connectivity.

Unleash Efficiency with UFOFLEET

Automate, Integrate, and Simplify Your Motorpool Operations.

Seamless Mobility

Experience truly counterless bookings and keyless access for effortless vehicle utilization.

Automated Management

Benefit from automated charging alerts and operator schedules, ensuring optimal fleet usage and energy efficiency.

Smart Alerts

Stay ahead with Geotab-enabled alerts and automation, providing proactive fleet management.

Take advantage of the additional utilization and lower costs of your EV fleet with connected and automated EV Motorpools and internal rentals.