Sell More EVs & Boost Resale Values

UFOFLEET provides low and no operational touch models for OEM EV subscription, rental, and loaner programs​

Revolutionize your OEM mobility programs with UFOFLEET

Experience the ultimate in efficiency, sales growth, and customer satisfaction through UFOFLEET's cutting-edge automation and optimization solutions tailored for OEMs.

Streamline EV Trials

Facilitate seamless EV trials through subscription and rental programs, making it easier for customers to experience your vehicles first-hand.

Minimize Dealer Involvement

Leverage UFOFLEET's innovative platform to optimize processes and reduce dealer involvement, resulting in a more efficient customer experience.

Drive Vehicle Sales

Utilize UFOFLEET's advanced tools and integrations to effectively showcase your vehicles, increasing customer engagement and driving more sales.

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Support both your customers and your dealers

Harness the power of UFOFLEET's innovative features to elevate the user experience, optimize charging, enhance security, and streamline fleet management for your OEM program.

Enhance Customer Experience
Streamline the user experience with UFOFLEET's intuitive self-service platform, making vehicle management hassle-free.
End-User Charging Guidance
Provide seamless charging guidance to end users, ensuring efficient and stress-free EV charging experiences.
Fortify Risk Mitigation
Bolster your risk mitigation strategy with UFOFLEET's advanced monitoring and security features.
Maximize Charger Utilization
Optimize charger usage and reduce downtime with UFOFLEET's intelligent charger management tools.
Automate Alerts & Notifications
Stay informed with automated alerts and notifications, allowing for quick decision-making and enhanced fleet management.

Eliminate Training Hassles

UFOFLEET enables a streamlined rental process, removing the need for service departments to act as rental car agents, saving time and resources.

Deliver First-Class Experiences

Impress potential EV buyers with a seamless and user-friendly rental experience, showcasing the advantages of your vehicles.

Boost EV Sales

Drive EV sales with UFOFLEET's automated rental and subscription trials, making it easier for customers to experience your vehicles and ultimately choose them.


Gain valuable insights from a comprehensive sales dashboard to optimize your business performance.


Manage your fleet on-the-go with UFOFLEET's operator mobile app, ensuring efficiency and control.


Access user-friendly charger guidance to facilitate seamless EV charging experiences.

Accelerate Your OEM Business with UFOFLEET

Boost Sales, Enhance Dealer Satisfaction, and Unlock New Revenue Streams

Drive EV Sales

Leverage UFOFLEET's innovative platform to increase customer engagement and sell more electric vehicles.

Empower Dealers

Create happier dealers by streamlining processes and reducing their involvement, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Unlock Revenue Potential

Capitalize on UFOFLEET's automation and optimization features to uncover additional revenue sources and grow your business.

UFOFLEET software allows more buyers to experience electric vehicles without the hassle of a traditional rental car operation. Sell more EVs with less staff and fewer headaches.