Multiply Your Electric Car Rental Profits

Give your customers the highest-rated car rental experience while optimizing charging and maximizing utilization– automatically.

World-leader in the automation of electric fleets

UFOFLEET is the only end-to-end platform for EV fleets and rental operators. Our EV Operating System provides a VIP experience to even novice EV drivers and helps you manage your fleet more effectively.

Simplify Charging Management

Optimize charging schedules for operations, minimize energy costs for off-peak hours, and maximize charger utilization.

Maximize Fleet Utilization

Automatic vehicle assignment and adjustment for optimized utilization, late returns, and customer changes. ​

Enhance Driver Experience

Provide a 100% counterless experience with upsell support, automated risk mitigation, live chat, digital payments, and automated guidance for novice EV users.​

Unlock the full potential of your EV fleet with UFOFLEET

Experience the Future of Fleet Management and Automation Today

Automate Charging Management
Ensure optimal charging schedules and efficiency with UFOFLEET's automatic charging management.
Streamline Registration
Save time with UFOFLEET's self-service registration and document upload for a seamless onboarding experience.
Enhance Security & Mitigate Risk
Protect your fleet with advanced risk mitigation, facial matching, and real-time monitoring features.
Seamless Charge Point Integration
Connect your fleet to your preferred Charge Point operator for a fully integrated and efficient charging process.
Automate Maintenance & Inspections
Keep your fleet in top condition with automated cleaning and maintenance tasks powered by UFOFLEET.
Advanced Telematics & Remote Access
Assign vehicles, receive alerts, and manage your fleet remotely with AWS-powered Geotab, INVERS, KeyCafe, and Continental integrations.

Boost EV Efficiency & Performance

UFOFLEET optimizes the energy consumption and performance of your electric fleet through advanced data analytics and automation, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Attract & Retain Customers

By offering a seamless, hassle-free rental experience, UFOFLEET helps you gain new customers and increase loyalty, driving your business forward.

Lower Overhead, Increase Satisfaction

No one likes going to the rental counter. Why waste money staffing one?​ With UFOFLEET, customers can access self-service registration, phone-as-a-key benefits, and real-time support from their smartphone.


Monitor energy consumption and charging patterns for efficient fleet management.


Track revenue, costs, and key metrics to optimize your business performance.


Access app-based charger guidance for seamless EV charging experiences.


Utilize facial matching and phone-as-a-key features for enhanced fleet safety.

We power the best rental fleets

Our technology has been proven with 20+ million miles driven.

Skip the Lines

Enjoy a streamlined rental process with UFOFLEET, allowing drivers to help themselves and hit the road faster.

Automated Charging

Benefit from seamless, automated charging guidance to ensure a hassle-free EV charging experience on the go.

Live Support

Access real-time customer support via chat, ensuring quick assistance and an exceptional rental experience.

“Lower operating costs, gain new customers, and boost your profits with automated EV rentals and subscriptions.”