We make electric easy.

See up to 50% higher profit margins with a modern operating system built specially for electric fleets.

The operating system for electric fleets

Automated Operations

Energy Management

Real-Time Analytics

Remote Driver Support

Digital Asset Management

Trusted by the world’s largest fleets

We make running your electric fleet easier than ever

Charging Support

UFOFLEET's automated charging management and range detection technology is the most accurate in the business.

We predict battery level and charging needs for drivers and direct them to available, working charge points en-route by tapping into our network of 250,000+ high-efficiency chargers.

On premises, our automated charging schedule takes the guesswork out of power management and can even interact with your existing charging infrastructure.

API & Telematics

Built on a modern and open API and powered by AWS, UFOFLEET is ready to connect to your internal platforms, external partners, data warehouses (such as POWERBI & Tableau), and online booking aggregators like Cartrawler.

Intelligent Alerting

UFOFLEET takes action to prevent issues with vehicle bookings, charging, payment, and more. If our automation software can't correct the issue on its own, you and/or your drivers receive a smart alert when action is needed.

With dozens of self-service EV fleet locations operating globally, largely by remote operators, the system offers unheard of efficiency.

Low Footprint, Low Overhead

Our technology is fully-digital with a straight-through-process that eliminates the need for on-site staff or expensive operations on-site.

With automated operations scheduling, including mobile operator app, phone-as-a-key and counterless service, your fleet can operate 24/7 with minimal human resources.

Risk Mitigation

Customizable risk mitigation options including fleet alerts, live video integration, facial recognition, selfie matching, passport and license scanning, location matching, interfaces to third party credit services, and more.

White Labeling

Our driver app can be customized to fit your brand and use-case to provide a seamless experience whether you manage consumer rental, subscriptions, TNC fleet, corporate motorpools, last mile delivery, truck rental, and more.

One platform. Dozens of integrations.

We integrate with the tools you already use and many more to help you manage your fleet efficiently.

Manage all your operations on-the-go

We give you the ability to manage your fleet from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Our platform is built on real-world data. Lots of it.

We gather 10k+ data points collected per vehicle, per day for the last 5 years and counting…

Maximum efficiency for a lower break-even point

With our proprietary technology and extremely low fixed costs, UFOFLEET clients achieve profitability 26% sooner than traditional fleets.

We have over 20 million miles of data...

...And counting. With over 10,000 data points collected per vehicle, per day – we’ve built the world’s most comprehensive EV data set.


clean miles driven


integrated chargers


tons of C02 saved


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