Take Dealership Mobility to the Next Level

Improve CSI and sell more cars with automated, self-service mobility programs

Empower your dealership sales and
operations with UFOFLEET

Transform your operations, improve customer experience, and drive revenue with UFODRIVE's automation solutions.

Seamless EV Subscriptions

Launch automated subscription programs to let clients try the EV experience before they buy.

Effortless EV Rentals

Offer your customers counterless, keyless, hassle-free EV rentals– fully automated and managed via our comprehensive platform.

Convenient EV Loaner Programs

Ensure a smooth and efficient loaner process with our connected and automated self-service tools.

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Join the Future of Dealerships

Upgrade your operations with UFODRIVE's innovative automation solutions for a superior customer experience and improved efficiency.

Experience Keyless Convenience
Grant your customers the freedom and simplicity of a completely keyless access.
No More Waiting in Line
Revolutionize your customer experience with a true skip-the-counter process, saving time and boosting satisfaction.
Empower New EV Drivers
Equip your customers and operators with automated guidance for driving EVs, ensuring a smooth and confident driving experience.

Sales and Service Optimization

Enable your dealerships to focus on core business - sales and service, by automating mundane tasks and enhancing efficiency.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Eliminate the need for customers to wait at rental counters - a happier customer journey leads to loyal and returning clients.

Assured Support for Novice EV Drivers

Provide necessary assistance and guidance to novice EV drivers, fostering confidence and a positive first-time experience.


Driver app with seamless keyless access functionality.


Facial recognition technology for advanced risk mitigation.


In-app EV charging guidance for easy, user-friendly charging.


Comprehensive driver app with all essential features at your fingertips.

Maximize Your Dealership Efficiency

Transform your dealership operations with UFOFLEET's digital solutions.

Boost Efficiency

Speed up service lines and ensure a smoother process for both customers and staff.

Sell More EVs

Leverage our comprehensive EV guidance to educate customers and drive more EV sales.

Delight Customers

Enhance customer satisfaction with streamlined processes and supportive technology.

Offer automated and self-service EV rentals, subscriptions, and loaner cars with the UFOFLEET platform for dealers.